Last updated on 29 Jan, 2015

Settlement & Funds Deposit/ Withdrawal

  1. Please note that Phillip Commodities (HK) Limited ("Phillip") does not accept deposit from third party. Client can deposit funds to the designated "Bank Accounts". A crossed personal cheque should be made payable to "Phillip Commodities (HK) Limited".
  2. If client account contains insufficient trading currency or deficit in any currency due to trading loss, this negative balance will be charged with interest.
  3. The contract margin levels abide by the requirement of the exchanges. Phillip reserves the right to adjust the initial margin and maintenance margin of the contract according to the market conditions and without further notification.
  4. If withdrawal instruction is given on a working day before 9:20am, we will be processed on the same day. Alternatively, we will be deposited the cheque to client’s bank account or client can pick up the cheque at our head office.


  1. Every trading contract has a variety of trading months and the trading volume differs correspondingly. Therefore, client must make sure which month of the future contract is the most suitable.
  2. After client deposits the funds into his Phillip account, notification should give on a working day before 5:00pm and the funds will show up on the selected platform account on the next working day if the funds are recognized successfully. If client intends to trade on the same day, client needs to send the deposit slip (only accepted cash deposit) to Customer Service Department by fax (852) 2277 6008 or email to and call client’s Account Executive or dealer to place order.
  3. For any updated personal information, client should inform us as soon as possible. For personal information such as residential address, contact number, email address or bank account information etc., client should submit the "Account Particulars Amendment Form" or written instruction with signature. For change of address or correspondence address, client may be required to provide the address proof dated within the last three months.
  4. For E-statement service, client should ensure the email account can receive email successfully.
  5. For reason of security and protecting client’s benefit, client should change the password of online trading system(s) periodically.
  6. If client does not receive statement from Phillip Commodities (HK) Limited, or you have any suggestion or enquiry, please contact our customer service hotline at (852) 2277 6555 or email at
  7. Please refer to here for our fees and charges.
  8. If client is interested in our investment products, please feel free to contact client’s Account Executive, call our Customer Service Department at (852) 2277 6555 or visit our website.
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