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  1. Money deposit must be made directly to Phillip's bank account instead of through any third party or AE / staff.
  2. Phillip products can be found on website and shown on statement.
  3. Standard Chartered Bank(Hong Kong) Limited announces that its Best Lending Rate will increase by 12.5 basis Points to 6.125 % per annum from 6 % per annum effective on 31th July 2023. Based on above changes, We will also increase lending rate of margin account, Grade Based Margin (GBM) interest plan and PI Grade Based Margin (PI GBM) interest plan on same day.
  4. Effective 1 January 2024, the Company will adjust the interest rate on Grade Base Margin (GBM) and Professional Investor Grade Based Margin (PI GBM) interest plan. The interest rate for GBM will be adjusted as follows: Grade One stock borrowing rate will be 6.125% (P). Other Grade stock borrowing rate will be 7.625% (P+1.500%).  The interest rate for PI GBM will be adjusted as follows: Grade One stock borrowing rate will be 5.625% (P-0.500%). Other Grade stock borrowing rate will be 7.125% (P+1.000%).  For more details.
  5. SFC will introduce an investor identification regime (HKIDR) at trading level for the securities market in Hong Kong on 20 March 2023 (Monday). To comply with the PDPO, Phillip Securities will have to obtain client consent before submitting the identity information to the secured data repository. Client have to submit the consent before 17 March 2023 (Friday) for continue to enjoy related Hong Kong Stocks and Stock Options trading services after we confirmed the application. Failure to provide the Company with the data or consent as described above may mean that the Company will not be able to carry out your trading instructions or provide you with securities related services in the Hong Kong securities market, except to sell your existing holdings of securities. The Consent letter has already been uploaded on POEMS and Phillip website (Customer Service > Download Form > Account Opening > HKIDR Consent letter). Clients submit a Consent letter with a soft copy of identity documents to CS by email (cs@phillip.com.hk) or fax (2277 6008).

    a. Individual Account Holder (Face-to-Face Account Opening):  POEMS or Physical form 
    b. Individual Account Holder (Online Account Opening):  POEMS (User Gudine)
    c. Joint Account Holder / Corporate Account Holder:  Physical form(Joint account need to fill in separated form)

  6. The U.S. stock market will shorten the settlement cycle to one business date after trade (T+1) from 28 May 2024 onwards. The Canada stock market will shorten the settlement cycle to one business date after trade (T+1) from 27 May 2024 onwards.

New Measures Anti Covid-19

  • In response to the tightening of the "Prevention and Control of Diseases (Prohibition of Group Aggregation) Regulations" ("Limitation Order") effective from 29 July 2020 (Wed) for 7 days and therefore the maximum number of persons allowed in group gatherings in public places will be 2. Phillip Institute of Financial Learning is gradually resuming online courses and seminars, but speakers must wear masks in the venue. If you wish to open an account, you may open it online in our homepage. 
  • In response to the needs of epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work, our head office and branches will not be opened on Saturdays from 1st February (Saturday) onward. Additionally, we will suspend our client facing services in our head office and branches. All other branches, including our head office, will be opened on weekdays until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  • Hong Kong Post announced that its mail delivery service will be subject to delay. Clients who have opted to receive physical statements will be affected. Clients can log into POEMS or contact your Account Executive for an electronic statement. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 
  • If you have any enquiries, please feel free to call Customer Service Department at 2277 6555. 


Deposit Instruction:

In order to protect clients interests, please provide the proof of deposit to Customer Service Department for confirmation by E-mail to cs@phillip.com.hk or POEMS apps function [Deposit] to upload the proof(s). All documentation provided as proof of deposit must clearly show the client full name OR client bank account number as it registered with Phillip Securities. Where the initial documentation does not fulfill this requirement, additional proof is needed to confirm the depositor identity. This can be achieved by providing documentation that shows both the client full name AND bank account number. Where a client opts to deposit funds by cheque, the client needs to provide a copy of the cheque and documentary proof that the cheque is drawn from the client bank account.


Fraudulent Impersonation of Phillip Securities Group Staff

We have recently received enquiries involving the fraudulent impersonation of our staff for the purpose of soliciting members of the public to open an account under “Phillip” via online social media (including Facebook) or IM (including WeChat or Line) platforms.

The name of impersonation our staff as below:

  • Lam Yuen Ting
  • Lam Jam Man
  • Ronghui Group Co., Ltd


Once a fake account is opened, the victims are directed to apply for IPO via the following fraudulent website:

  • http://www.60125.xyz/
  • www.hl2838.com
  • http://www.hl17173.com/
  • https://7802181.com/
  • http://hl111111.com/site/login
  • http://hljyxt.com/index/login/login/token/b68c119a31a951297a62560b2b742d6f.html
  • http://6139208.com/
  • http://www.huili333888.com/
  • http://pc.huili369.com/
  • https://www.8241113.com/
  • https://trade.poenins.com/

Please note that we are not associated with the suspicious websites/individuals in any way. We have reported the case to the relevant government and regulatory authorities.

You may confirm the identity of our licensed representative via the SFC website and familiarize yourself with our account opening and deposit details (Account Opening Form  and Deposit Details) on our website. Please be cautious and verify the identity of recipients when disclosing personal data and depositing funds to any third parties. We will not be liable to anyone for any loss, directly or indirectly, from any use or contact with the suspicious websites/individuals. Should you have any suspicion of impersonation, please contact our Customer Service Department at (852) 2277 6555.

Fraudulent Impersonation of Wong Wai Kit, Louis

We recently received an enquiry from client about “Did our director – Wong Wai Kit, Louis publish any investment advice/stock recommendation to public via any instant message platform - telegram/whatsapp group/signal/ wechat?” Louis Wong confirmed he did not publish any investment advice/stock recommendation via messenger platform. Phillip Securities would like to take this opportunity to remind all investors should not mistakenly believe those message from unknown message group.

If you had transaction in Gold Futures during 2004-2013 via COMEX or other exchange in US, please visit www.GoldFixSettlement.com to obtain settlement details of the case offered by the remote investment firm and claim you interest.

As the Guangzhou Mail Processing Center suspends receiving surface ordinary letters, our company temporarily sends mails in other ways, and the mail delivery time may be delayed. Client can choose to check the statement on the online trading platform POEMS or apply e-statement service. 


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