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Collection of Italian Financial Transaction Tax (IFTT)

Last updated on 26 Sept, 2016

With effect from 1 March 2013, the new Italian Financial Transaction Tax (“IFTT”) applies to all transactions involving the transfer of ownership in shares in companies resident in Italy.

Unless otherwise specified, you are required to pay the IFTT when trading the relevant investment products such as PRADA (stock code: 01913.hk) through us. Please refer to the following for details of our arrangement in relation to the collection of IFTT:

IFTT on shares of Italian resident companies listed on HKEx
Effective Date From 1 March 2013
Tax Rate

0.22% (up to 31 December 2013)
0.20% (From 1 January 2014)

0.10% (From 26 September 2016)

Basis of Calculation Final Net Balance (in positive sum) * Weighted Average Purchase Price on Relevant Day * Tax Rate
Calculation Method From 12 August 2013, IFTT will be calculated on the transaction date and deducted from the customer's account on the settlement date of the relevant transaction. For transactions executed from 1 March 2013 to 9 August 2013, relevant IFTT will be deducted from the customer's account on 16 August 2013. Details of IFTT payable will be included on client statements on 12 August 2013.

Remarks: Our company will not offer Italian derivative products that attract IFTT, such as JP Prada @EC1509A (#18065).

Whilst the information contained herein is based on sources that Phillip Securities (Hong Kong) Limited (“PSHK”) believed to be accurate, PSHK does not bear responsibility for any loss occasioned by reliance placed upon the contents hereof. You are encouraged to seek professional advice on the implications of IFTT.

Guidance Notes on Good-Til-Cancel (GTC) and Good-Til-Date (GTD) Orders

Last updated on 4 Sept, 2018

Guidance Notes on Good-Til-Cancel (“GTC”) and Good-Til-Date (GTD) Orders

We would like to provide information and risk disclosures regarding GTC and GTD orders below in order to facilitate Customers’ securities trading in account(s) held with us.

All GTC orders placed with Phillip Securities (Hong Kong) Limited (the “Company”) are assigned an expiration date of 30 calendar days only. Meanwhile, a GTD order is an order that lets Customer assigns a specific expiration date until which an order will continue to work. Similar to the GTC order, the maximum duration for a GTD order is 30 calendar days only. Both GTC and GTD orders will continue to be in force until it is filled, partially filled, or cancelled. Please take note of the following when placing either a GTC or GTD order (“Order”):

1. Once an Order is partially filled, the Order will be cancelled automatically at day end.

2. The particulars of an Order will not be altered in the event of any corporate actions (e.g. shares split, shares consolidation, stock code change, or ex-date events). Any orders affected by corporate actions may results in (i) a failure to execute the Order; (ii) losses or worse-than-expected execution results. Customers should stay abreast of corporate announcement notifications of their own accord and subscribe to relevant email announcement, newsletter, or updates (where available).

3. New orders ARE NOT regarded as GTC or GTD orders regardless of how the original Order is cancelled, unless explicitly stated otherwise by the Customer.

4. When an Order expires or is cancelled, the Company will not renew the Order automatically nor contact the Customer regarding the status of the Order.

5. The Company may cancel an Order at its discretion for any reason (e.g. credit issue of the Customer, suspension of the Customer account, etc.).

6. With respect to Local Stock trading, if the SEHK rejects an Order for whatever reason, the Order will be cancelled automatically at day end and will not be sent to the SEHK on the next trading day.

7. With respect to Foreign Stock trading, if the relevant exchange or a counter-party broker rejects an Order for whatever reason (e.g. order price is too far from market price, trading halt or trading suspended), the Order will not be resubmitted to the relevant exchange or counter-party broker on the day it was rejected. Unless instructed otherwise, we will send the Order again on the next trading day. The expiration date of the latter Order shall be the same as the original rejected Order.

8. For Foreign Stock trading, the placing of an GTC or GTD order can only be done by calling the Foreign Stock Dealing team directly at +852 2277 6678.

If have any enquiries regarding the above or foreign stock trading, please call the Foreign Stock Dealing Team (contact no. above) or the Customer Service Department at +852 2277 6555.

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