Online Insurance Platform
  • Cover the building structure & fixture of your residental area. In case of any disaster, the insurance can provide the fund for replacement need of the damaged building, and let you recover your living in normal quickly
  • With all of the efforts that you have made in furnishing and decorating your home, a comprehensive home insurance policy protects your property and valuables
  • Providing comprehensive care for your domestic helper does not only a protection to the helper but also to you and your family
Study Abroad
  • Secondary school and university is a time for exploration, and many young students will use that time to pursue the opportunity of studying overseas. With the Generali Annual Study Abroad Protector, you can make sure that your child’s time spent studying overseas is as stress-free as possible
Personal Accident
  • Get prepared for the unexpected and enjoy what life has to offer by buying personal accident insurance now
Term Life
  • Protecting the best things in life is the best gift you can give your family is peace of mind
  • If anything happens to you, you’d want your family to sustain the same lifestyle that you have worked hard to provide them
  • Stay ahead of the rising hospitalization cost by buying medical insurance for yourself and your beloved family today

  • Toothache can give you a hard time. What’s worse are the escalating costs of dental care. Dental Plan covers expensive dental services costs including routine oral examinations for you and your family
Travel Insurance
  • Whether travelling for vacation or business around the world, you can really relax and enjoy a worry-free trip only with comprehensive travel protection


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