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As a member of the Phillip Securities Group, Phillip Institute of Financial Learning was established in 2002. Commissioner of Inland Revenue has approved Phillip Institute of Financial Learning as specified institution. Before then, we have held many different training courses and events with enrolment of more than 1,000 since 1994. We estimate 400 out of them have entered the industry as lifetime career. With a series of reforms ahead, new opportunities emerged as well. We always believe that the success of industry depends upon concerted efforts by every practitioner. The aim of the Institute is to provide financial training with high quality as commitment to the industry.


Education Center

Through teaching, learning and exchanging, Phillip Institute of Financial Learning aims to enhance investor understanding of different financial instruments and financial markets. We also provide resources to the talent who is interested in the field of securities, pay much effort to nurture and contribute to the development of the industry.

  • Provide education and quality programs for students.
  • Help students achieve professional qualifications.
  • Develop candidates’ potential and ability by providing advanced studies.
  • Assist new comers to facilitate skill set.
  • Encourage participation to exchange intelligence

Preparatory Course of Licensing Examination

As one of major financial centres, Hong Kong appeals to talent worldwide every year.  To meet with international standard, industry practitioners are required to fulfill recognized examinations and qualifications in new licensing regime under the Securities and Futures Ordinance.

Phillip Institute organizes preparatory course for Licensing Examination – papers 1, 7 & 8, which serves as entry level to financial industry in Hong Kong.  Instructors are also industry practitioners with strong experience and in-depth knowledge. 

Since 2003, the course has been under “reimbursable Course List” under the Continuous Education Fund.  Eligible applicants will be reimbursed 80% of their tuition fee upon completion of course requirement.

General Notes

Seminar room for rental :

  1. Booking will be confirmed upon payment received which is non- refundable.
  2. Applicants will be responsible for damages made to the room or equipment.
  3. Phillip Institute reserves the right to accept the application or not.
  4. The charge for photocopying and local fax is $1 per page.
  5. Room charges shall be payable in advance.
  6. Cancellation of room reservation will only be accepted in writing and not less than three working days before the date of hire. The applicant will be charged $300 for administration fee.
  7. Special software that applicants want to use must accompany corresponding valid licenses or copyrights.  Diskettes/CD Roms should be provided 5 working days before installation and configuration. The cost of installation and configuring special software provided by applicants will be charged at a rate of $100 per occasion.
  8. No session will be held upon announcement of storm warning signal No.8 or above. If the No.8 signal is lowered (6 hours before the session), the session will meet as usual; otherwise the session will be cancelled and the payment will be refunded. For rainstorm black warning, the arrangement will be similar.

Course Application:

  1. Phillip Institute of Financial Learning Co. Limited shall deal with the applicant's personal data in accordance with the "Personal Data Policy" on this website.
  2. Phillip Institute of Financial Learning Co. Limited and its associates may use the applicant's personal data to provide information about investment or financial related products and services. In case the applicant does not wish to receive further marketing materials, he should contact our Customer Service Department on 2277 6555 or
  3. Phillip Institute reserves the right not to admit an applicant. Fees and places allocated on courses are not transferable. Course fee is not refundable, except for unsuccessful enrolment or cancellation of a course.
  4. Attendance certificate will be issued to participants within one month from the completion of the course for who have maintained a minimum of 80% attendance of total classes. Participants who come late more than 30 min will be counted as absence(only applicable to "Preparatory Course of Licensing Examination").
  5. No class will be held upon announcement of storm warning signal No. 8 or above. If the No. 8 signal is lowered (before 4 pm), classes will meet as usual; otherwise classes will be postponed. For rainstorm black warning, the arrangement will be similar. The arrangement of make-up class will be notified.
  6. The Commissioner of Inland Revenue has approved Phillip Institute of Financial Learning as specified institutions. The course fees paid will be deducted for salaries tax purposes if the courses, which were undertaken for the purpose of gaining or maintaining qualifications for, use in any employment. In other words, it must be related either to the present job or job in the future. The final decision is at the discretion of the Inland Revenue Department. Further information about the self – education expenses can be obtained from the Inland Revenue Department FAQ:Expenses of Self-education.
  7. If no one attend the lesson within the first 15 minutes, Phillip Institute of Financial Learning reserves the right to cancel the lesson without prior notice.
  8. Please read Terms and Conditions.
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