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Open an Account Online to Subscribe Latest IPO
Please choose a Method to open an Account:

Open a Trading Account Entirely Online

Account opening at your fingertips

Account opening without geographical boundaries

24-hour service

Do not need any facial or fingerprints verification

Fill in an E-form and Open an Account Certified by Our Expertise

No Initial Deposit Required

Paperless and Environmental Friendly

Only Identity Proof is Required for Certification

Shorter Time in Account Opening Process

 Online Account OpeningFace-to-Face Account Opening
Required Documents Identity proof、Address proof within 3 months、Bank account supporting documents
Required Bank Account Hong Kong Bank Account Hong Kong/ Overseas Bank Account
Transfer HK$10,000 to Phillip's Specific Bank Account from your designated bank account
Come to Phillip's Office with identity proof in person for certification

DOUBLE POEMS points you get after face-to-face account opening is succeeded via e-form(terms and conditions apply).

Terms and Conditions

  1. The promotion is effective from 1 February 2022 to 30 June 2023.
  2. The promotion applies to account opened face-to-face via e-form。
  3. Extra POEMS points will be credited in client’s account in one month.
  4. For inquiries, please call 2277 6555.


Open account online

Online account on spot

5 Steps of Account Opening

1) Fill in personal information in mobile or PC
2) Watch and consent to Risk Disclosure Statement
3) Upload Personal Information Documents
4) Deposit at least HK$10,000 and upload deposit proof

Online Account Opening

Deposit at least HK$10,000 and upload deposit proof

●FPS - Expedited Account Opening
-Transfer from your designated bank account in Hong Kong
- Not less than HK$10,000
- No need to upload deposit proof
If using FPS, please follow the instructions below

- OR -
●Regular E-banking Transfer
- Transfer from your designated bank account in Hong Kong
- Not less than HK$10,000

Face-to-Face Account Opening - E-form

Come to Phillip's Office with identity proof in person for certification

●Fill in E-form and tick Face-to-Face Account Opening
●Account owner brings Identity Proof and come to Phillip's Head Office or Branches
5) Account opening complete upon successful background review

I want to deposit using FPS, what do I do?(Applicable to Online Account Opening Clients)


1. Enter Tel No.'96908828' as the FPS payee

2. Confirm that the payee name is 'Phillip Securities (Hong Kong) Ltd.'

3. In the message section, please type your own mobile phone number as a reference

4. After confirming the deposit, we will be able to see your deposit in our system within 5 minutes, eliminating the need to submit deposit proof, allowing for faster processing


*Please note that the bank account used for the initial deposit made via FPS will be your designated bank account.

**Please enter your account number (eg. P123456) in the message section for all subsequent deposits. Deposits must be made to your designated bank account for OAO clients. Please note that we do not accept third-party deposits.

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