Margin and Rates
ItemDescription of fees
Margin Interest Rate
HKD Low as 5.625%(P-0.50%, for Professional Investor) (Click for details)
Low as 6.125%(P, for non-Professional Investor) (Click for details)
USD Low as 5.625% (P-0.5%)
Call for Deposit:11.125% p.a.(P+5%)
SGD 5.125%p.a. (P-1.00%)
Call for Deposit: 11.125% p.a.(P+5%)
CNY 7.375%p.a. (P+1.25%)
Call for Deposit:7.375% p.a. (P+1.25%)
JPY JPY 0 - JPY 1,000,000: 2.625% p.a.(P-3.5%)
Above JPY 1,000,000:4.125% p.a.(P-2%)
Call for Deposit: 11.125% p.a.(P+5%)
Interest for Late Payment
Custodian Account 11.125% p.a.(P+5%)

Remarks: P refers to Standard Chartered Hong Kong Dollar Prime Rate.

Above charges are for reference only, there are subject to change without prior notice.

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