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Phillip is one of the earliest option brokers in Hong Kong, engaging in stock option business over ten years, even the first broker to develop the electronic trading platform in Hong Kong. Nowadays, Phillip is still the market marker for the stock option of Tracker Fund (2800), responsible to offer a certain amount of quotes in order to maintain the liquidity in the market. Through the experience of the development in stock option business, our experienced option dealers can assist clients to trade and answer enquires from clients. Moreover, Phillip developed an electronic trading platform for stock option – OATS, which provides a comprehensive service of online trading and real time quote. Besides, Phillip offers a lot of stock option courses, taught by our senior dealers, for clients to learn about our trading platform and option analysis so as to grab the investment opportunities.

Options Advanced Trading System (OATS) is our self-developed electronic trading platform. OATS provide a comprehensive coverage of online trading and real-time option price quotes. Our experienced dealer offer monthly options courses regarding  OATS ‘s trading system and other options knowledges for our clients to capture market opportunities.

Options Advanced Trading System OATS

OATS OATS.NET electronic stock options trading platform is a platform our self-developed platform that offers comprehensive online business transactions, real-time quotes, options price quotations and order price alternation functions. Action now and apply immediately to experience our professional online stock option trading services.
  • Instant Price Quote Service
  • Contracts Transactions Record
  • Profit & Loss 
  • Options position view
  • Instant Dow Jones News
  • Options Delta and Implied Volatility information
POEMS Phillip offer online options trading services to our clients. Clients can trade options online via our POEMS system without additional installation of any software program once clients applied the online trading platform.
  • Conduct options price quote directly to market makers 
  • Direct access to the HKEx’s trading system
  • Free options price quote – 5 price depth and quantities
Mobile We offer Mobile Apps for options trading exclusively, no matter where you are, where you in. You can also smartphone for trading anytime, anywhere.
  • Flexible and comfortable, no matter where you are, where you in, you can also use the smartphone to trade anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy and user friendly, trades are easier than ever before. Now, even if you have been outside, you can use mobile phones to obtain information to trade.
  • Safe and reliable, - using sophisticated wireless encryption technology, POEMS Mobile to ensure your transactions in a safe and secure environment.
Professional Phillip Securities (HK) Ltd. is one of the earliest stock options brokers, we engaged in options business for more than a decade. Our experienced dealers/representatives can understand the clients’ needs and provide related customer services.
Professional Lectures and Workshops – Option group teaching
Phillip offers several stock option lectures and workshops to our investors in which investors can learn about the basic knowledge of option and the related investment strategies, such as combination of options and stock and practical tips for trading options.
option strategy Weekly analysis – option commentaries
Weekly option focus and analysis for deploying the investment strategies
excelrt Excel RealTime automatic trading system, 30-Day free trial
Excel RealTime quotation and trading system, accompanied with Microsoft ® Excel, provides a lot of functions to investors, such as risk data calculation, real time data quotation, automatic trading, etc. For details, please visit
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