Trading Tips

Account Opening

To open a stock options account, clients should:

  1. Open a margin account or cash account (Custodian) in order to open a stock options account.
    For more details please click here
  2. Enable the POEMS (online trading platform) in order to trade stock options online

Margin Requirement

Clients can receive a premium when they short call or put. When doing so, they must deposit enough money to fulfill the margin requirement.

There are different margin requirements for option contracts with different strike price and expiry date. The margin requirement can be found out from the HKEx web site Client Margin Estimate Reference Table. In case of conflict between the HKEx web site and the option statement, option statements shall prevail.

When there is an intra-day margin call, it is necessary for clients to deposit sufficient money into their options account within the time specified.

For Short positions, kindly remind about the contracts' notional value (Stock value of short positions if contracts is being assigned). Additional margin requirements may require for large short position, clients may need to prepare additional cash as margin requirements for risk control. For details, please contact us.

Reporting Levels and Positions Limits

Where Clients hold open position in Stock Options contracts exceeding a certain level, our Company shall report such holding to the Exchange. Additionally, Clients may not hold positions that exceed the position limits.

For specifics regarding reporting levels and position limits, please refer to the link below:

Other fees


premium x number of shares x 0.25% (min. $50)

HKEx trading tariff

Tier 1: $3

Tier 2: $1

Tier 3: $0.5


Long 5 lots (2000 shares), HSBC, strike $90, November call, premium $0.7

Premium = 0.7 x 2,000 = $1400

Commission = $100

Trading tariff =5 x $3=$15

Total cost =$1400+$100+$15=$1515


The settlement day for stock options is T+1: clients must deposit sufficient margin on day T. Otherwise, the following action could be done to clients without notification.

  1. Stop allowing clients to open positions.
  2. Closing of the clients’ position.
  3. Buying or selling the underlying stock for option assignment.

Clients have to transfer their stocks to their option account for covered call before 3:30 p.m. on day T.

Remarks : Margin requirements varies according to the shares price changes, final margin refer to the day-end stock option statement

Exercise and Assign

If clients would like to exercise their stock options, then please contact Stock Options Department at (852) 2277 6622 before 4:30 pm.

If contracts are exercised / assigned from selling stocks which clients do not own, clients are required to buyback the stock by T+1.

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