Stock Options
ItemDescription of fees
Stock Option
Zero commission 1,2,3
Covered Call Open
(Should have corresponding stock in the Stock Option Account for covered call)
Covered Put Open
(Should deposit 100% proceed for stock assignment in Stock Option Account for covered put)
HKD 5 per lot (Long Open contracts 10 lots or below)
Long Call/Put Open or
Short Call/Put Close1,3
HKD 5 per lot (For each trade less than 10 lots)
Option's Asset Under Management (AUM) 1,3,4,5
1 Million HKD or above Premium x share quantity x 0.18% (Min. HKD 5)
Day Trade 1,3,6
Premium x share quantity x 0.18% (Min HKD 5)
Other Trades3
Online trade1 Premium x share quantity x 0.18% (Min. HKD 50)
Non-online trade Premium x share quantity x 0.25% (Min. HKD 100)
Transaction Levy HKD3 per lot or HKD1 per lot or HKD0.5 per lot (Determined and collected by Options Clearing House)
Fees for Exercise/ Assign
Brokerage Exercise price x No. of contract x lots size x 0.25% (Min HKD100)
Stamp Duty 0.1% of Transaction Amount (round up to the nearest dollar (Effective on 17st November 2023))
Transaction Levy 0.00285% of Transaction Amount ( including 0.0027% SFC Transaction Levy and 0.00015% AFRC Transaction Levy; round up  to the nearest cent respectively; effective on  1st January, 2022)
Transaction Fee 0.00565% of Transaction Amount (Effective on 1st January 2023)
CCASS Fee 0.01% of Transaction Amount (0.002% is collected by HK Clearing)(Min HKD3)(Max HKD300)
Exercising Fee HKD2 per Lot
1. All new pricing above with effective on 1nd April 2021, for online trading and E-statement clients only
2. Commission rebate will process on next month within 5 working days
3. Only applied to stock option trading excluding commission from option assignment/exercise
4. Option's AUM is the sum of option account's cash balance and net option value. Net option value is based on settlement price of each day-end
5. Based on previous trading date day end's AUM level, if Option AUM is more than $1M, the trading date can enjoy the commission rates
6. Given the condition on the same contract and by using the total buy and sell quantity within a day: If the smaller quantity from one of the two sides is not less than 50% of the other, the new pricing scheme will apply

Above charges are for reference only, there are subject to change without prior notice.

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