Bonds & Unit Trust
ItemDescription of fees
Bonds Transaction Cost*
Handling Fee 0.15% of Consideration (Except 0.10% of Consideration, for Investment Grade Bond with duration =< 1 Year.)
Custodian Fee 0.05% of nominal value per annum, charged on monthly basis (Minimum HKD25)
Charged per ISIN basis. Certain bonds are excluded.
Transfer HKD400
Interest Collection & Maturity Redemption Fee Waived
Apply to Transaction of Bonds Listed under Chapter 37 of the Main Board Listing Rules
Transaction Levy 0.00285% of Transaction Amount (Include 0.0027% SFC Transaction levy and 0.00015% FRC Transaction levy; those Levy fees rounded to the nearest cent and calculated separately; Effective on 1st January 2022)
Investment Funds Transaction Cost
Handling of Delivery From other Institution to Phillip -- Nil
From Phillip to Others -- HKD200 + AUM 0.01%

The transfer fee is double if clients who subscribed UT and transfer out within six months.

Subscription Fee Starting from 0.75%
Redemption Fee Nil ( Individual Fund Houses may impose redemption fee, calcuated based on the year of subscription)
(Min. HKD150 for each fund, if payment made via USD Telegraph Transfer)
Switching Fee 1% (Within the Same Fund House)
Management Fee 0.5% - 1.75% (Reflected in Fund NAV)
Note: Some Fund House requires Min. Subscription/Redemption/Switch Amount.
*This fee table is not applicable to iBond, Green Bonds and Silver Bond.

Above charges are for reference only, there are subject to change without prior notice.

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